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Chad, that's what i was worried about and didn't want to get off to bad start with this since I'm a new account. I'm starting with Media Traffic.

Soooo, like what offers and networks are you using and how are you getting code without the pops for this? I can't find 5 offers to rotate without at least a couple having the exit pops in a category, seriously.
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I think it depends on the network. The only one that has caught on after is Traffic Vance. Media Traffic and AON don't seem to check after the initial approval. With one offer on Traffic Vance it was running fine when I was directing 90% of the traffic to it but as soon as I switched to 100%, their checker picked it up and flagged it as being non compliant. But I've got another offer that is getting 100% of the traffic and has an exit pop and they haven't flagged that. Bit of hit and miss really.

Also think its probably easier to go undetected if its just an exit pop rather than audio or video on your landing page.

The thing is that sometimes affiliate networks change offers on you when an offer expires and the new offer may or may not have an exit pop so if queried by a network that is going to be my excuse. That and the network said they had removed it and I believed them because I'm using a proxy and didn't know better. That's not going to get the networks to approve an offer but I figure if it got nasty and they were threatening to close my account that's probably the line I'd take.

- Jill
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