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Default Success Rate of Email Submits

I have never used ppv for email submits. My question is what is the success rate of email submits when it comes to using ppv traffic?
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Most people who do PPV shy away from email submits, but in some cases they can be successful. In my experience, I usually only average 20%-50% ROI on the winners. But it is easy to lose money on these because of the low payouts.

When you think about it, you need to convert maybe 2/100 to be profitable assuming you have found inexpensive targets. That is hard when you are paying per view (as opposed to per click)

I would recommend trying out offers in the $3-$10 range. These are usually short form submits and have a much higher success rate.
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Personally I'm not a fan of them, with high scrub rates and all the BS that goes on in the background - with that being said, I am not saying you can't make money from them
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I think that the fan club method shown in the forums could change your thinking on that Chris. You are pre-populating the offer for the punter and could increase conversions. I have seen this done before but not exactly in this way. I am yet to try it out myself but I plan to test it for myself very soon.

Once the offer scrubs, sub in a similar one and continue testing until you are back into positive ROI.
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i've made a large majority of my money using cpv, single field offers and the fan club method, not only pre-popping, but mailing them as well. over the lifespan of a registrant on my fc list i'll usually try and get at least ONE single field conversion out of them, but i never mail or pre-pop more than one normally. of course i've also mailed them other offers as well. the fan club method does wonders for submits.

- lucas
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