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Default Struggling with USA TV account

I have been running a number of campaigns on my int TV account for about 6 months with decent success. I now have a USA account set up trying to run a pay day loan offer but am struggling to get results. I have loaded in around 1000 urls, some of which seem to have very good traffic but omg they cost a fortune to get anything like the sort of traffic I had from my int account. Some are about a dollar per view! Does anyone actually manage to get any success targeting this niche or are these the loan companies themselves bidding the price to the sky? Just wondering if it is worth my effort I guess.
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It's always to test it out. From my experience US is much more competetive but you most likely know it already. Bids are much more expensive which results in more paying offers. Tho it's not always branding campaigns so it's worth spending some on it.

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Tv campaigns are based on branding if your motives are for branding purpose you will get success with it if planned properly but if you are targeting other then branding then it's going to be money burning experience.
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Default New PPV network

TV is the gold standard.

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