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Default Start a mastermind group with me?

Hi Guys,

I'm looking to network more and make more connections, I've been doing PPV for about 2 months now, been busy with my day job and haven't been dedicating the time I really should to make it work.

But I have seen some good results and I have a great affiliate manager who always provides a helping hand, I'm looking to really ramp it up now and dedicate some solid hours to building up campaigns and getting them out. In this industry especially I think its better to go deep and fail if you're going to fail which allows you to find the successful campaigns a lot quicker than just procrastinating a lot of the time, which has been a major obstacle for me, but i'm over that now.

I'm looking to jump into the deep end and build out multiple campaigns a day, it would be nice to talk and bounce ideas and failures and successes with like minded people, and also motivate each other to reach that level. So anyone in a similar position who's looking to take it to that next level hit me up a PM or add me on AIM: sandhu191@hotmail.co.uk

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Send a message via AIM to mtmjohn

Seems a good opportunity. Count me in please
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I've already chatted with Aman once and am excited to brainstorm more in the future. He's motivated and it gets me motivated to learn and implement possible new techniques and ideas.
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