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Default Single Opt in w/ Fan Club Method

I realize that generally double opt in can head off spam issues and you end up with a more valuable, more responsive list. But Is it ok to run single opt-in in the following circumstances?

I have two fan clubs running at the moment, in very different demographics.

One is for a TV Show that revolves around a specific vertical. I'd say the main demo is about 66% 30-50 year old women.

The other is for a pop star. The main demo is teenage girls.

For the TV Show campaign, I'm getting a decent double opt in rate using the quick push email method.

For the 2nd campaign, the double opt in rate is abysmal, something like 15-20%. I chalk this up to the demo having the attention span of a goldfish, and that I'm getting a lot of traffic from facebook/myspace pages, so they probably don't want to take time away from stalking their friends to check their email.

I switched the 2nd campaign to single opt in, but I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision. I don't plan to email them that often, and the offers should be relevant to the fan club. Plus I don't think its the kind of demo you really build a strong relationship with anyways, which is one of the benefits of a double opt in list.
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Hey bud,

What is your main concern? If you're worried about AWeber, don't. If you start getting too many complaints, they'll just force you to use double opt-in. Give it a shot.

- lucas
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I guess the main concern is that everyone seems to swear by double opt in. When you read about list building, people talk about how valuable it is to have large double opt in lists, I rarely hear people promoting the merits of building single opt in lists.

Specifically, yeah I was concerned about aweber. Knowing I won't be banned for "spamming" is comforting I'll def stick with single opt in for this campaign and see how it goes.
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Let me know how it goes! I'm actually about to start up a fanclub type campaign soon and have been contemplating between single or double opt.

I'm going to start with double and go from there but I am targeting a younger demo as well so you got me worrying now!
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