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Default Single field offers? (email submits)

How do you make email submits work with cpv traffic? I've had a couple of campaigns near break even, but none that were profitable.

I've even done things such as bid on walmart.com for a walmart gift card offer and that didn't work at all.

What's the secret?
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go for higher paying offers...something in the $2-3 range...you might have less conversions, but i find them to be more profitable. Email submits get scrubbed and eventually the advertiser will tell you to stop sending traffic.
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Also it took me a while to learn this but simple zip submits can be very profitable for PPV. The trick is for things like Walmart Gift Card, don't bid on walmart.com - it is too obvious meaning the price gets bid up and the people who visit walmart.com are already saturated with this offer. Instead, think about the people who would be interested (like to get free stuff, are frugal, like to shop at stores like walmart), and then think about sites to target these people.
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Excellent advice. Don't go after the main terms, go after related or semi related terms that others are not bidding on.
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