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Default Setting up Rotations with Limited Offers

Curious what people do when they're trying to target a geographic area with limited offers.

Example: For month 1, I'm working on international horoscope offers. I've found 4 offers.

Offer 1: Accepts US, CA, UK, AUS, and NZ traffic
Offer 2: Accepts NZ traffic
Offer 3: Accepts CA traffic
Offer 4: Accepts CA traffic

I've setup each offer under a single rotation. Although, when I go to target traffic, I see I'm going to have a problem. I don't want people in NZ to see an offer that is only available for people in CA.

I was hoping to setup all the international horoscope offers under a single rotation, but it looks like I'll need to setup rotations on a campaign and country basis. Am I missing something, or is this what other people are doing?

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You would have to group them by geographic location.

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