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Default question for targetting my niche

I'm wanting to build a list using ppv, going to offer a free product if they sign up using my squeezepage.

My niche is "men's style, men's fashion". There's a niche that's a kissing cousin to this market, which is the "dating/approach women" market. There's alot more traffic going to this market than my "style/fashion market". I can drill down alot more in the dating/approach niche and find some information about my specific niche.

Should I target url's to the dating/approach market versus the style/fashion market because it's a much larger market to attack and my niche is discussed alot in the dating/approach niche?

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Test both. You'll never know which is going to convert until you toss 'em all in there.
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Don't know too much about list building, but know a think or two about marketing. I would say yes, go for it.

This is just basic "cross-marketing", like during a football game there will be tons of ads for trucks. Because a large portion of people who watch football are men and men who like trucks. The same logic can be applied here.

The most important thing to do with list building is to get people to opt-in. Then you can test marketing them whatever you want on the back-end.
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