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Default Question About Budget Per Day

I'm kind of confused about the amount of money I should be looking to spend per day. I've decided that $10/day is ok for me to spend and would like to know how this $10 should be best alloted. There's been mention of creating a new campaign after the first one is approved and running. Should I divvy up the $10 over the number of campaigns and keep that total number small so as to generate so sort of traffic across all campaigns per day? Should I stick with one campaign until the urls in that campaign are exhausted and the remaining kewords/urls are no longer getting traffic? Should I increase my budget per day or can I get it done with this $10/day?

Last question? If I have a niche and a couple offer, should I work that niche until I can't work it anymore....especially if I know it is a profitable niche and other affiliates are making money, or should I try as many niches until I find one that works and then milk it?

Any suggestions.
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You can't really divy up the 10 across multiple campaigns. You might end up spending less than that per day but that's the min (sounds like MT).

Personally I'd go with multiple offers / niches and stick to 10/day for each. You might spend less but I think variety is good and so is testing small batches of urls to start, like the coach suggests. I tried going with 20 / 25 / day per campaign with 200+ urls and just ended up blowing lots of $ on views that got me nowhere.

Good luck
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I agree with the above post, you have to walk before you run. That's why I say go small to start.
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