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Default Prosper202 and Optimize Press

Hey everyone,

I'm just about to jump into my first PPV campaign and was hoping to get some help. I designed a landing page with OptimizePress which is a Wordpress theme, but was unsure of how to implement tracking with Prosper202.

Would I be able to directly paste the javascript code before the </body> tag?

And secondly, how would I be able to split test landing pages using Prosper202 and OptimizePress? The pages are not in PHP format so I'm unsure of how to approach this.

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I don't use Wordpress for landing pages simply because it is too hard (at least for me) to customize them and fit within a template. Sorry, i can't help you on this one. I would recommend building the landers from scratch.
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I use Wordpress on all my sites but not on traditional landers, and certainly not on those being served on PPV traffic. If you ARE doing this, make sure you've got Litespeed on your (VPS minimum) server -- it processes PHP multiple times faster than Apache!

I suggest you stick with html/php one-page landers. Leave Wordpress for your actual websites and maybe flogs.

As for your actual question, what you will want to do is implement the tag in footer.php (use the editor) before the closing body tag-- remembering to add \ before any " in the Prosper code (there are multiple instances of this) -- don't do it for ', only ".

So for example: javascript"> becomes javascript\">

If you don't do this, the " breaks the php code.

Good luck!
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