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Default Promoting Related Content?

Hi Everyone!

I'm brand new to PPV-Coach. Just joined a few hours ago and finished watching all the vids.

I was doing some Zango stuff before, but nothing really converted so I said what ever and haven't been back since - until now!

Pretty much my only question is this:

Should you test/try to promote extremely closely related offers? For example, let's pretend I want to rotate through 10 credit report offers. Now, is it "bad" bidding on credit report websites? I mean, it would kind of be like signing up/visiting freecreditreport.com then seeing a popup for creditreport.com.

Is that bad since it's so tightly related? Would it be better if I promoted on credit report "related" categories like credit repair, bad credit loans, etc? Or, should I be testing both since it can vary?

Thanks so much!
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Test Everything. Gather up a group of 5-10 like related offers and then rotate them at a small targetted group of traffic.

If you build it, they will come.

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Alright, thanks Chad
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