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Arrow Promoting Rebills... can you sleep at night?

I'm starting to experiment with building nice little simple landers, based around a single website, which encourage the user to optin, and then i will ply them some psychological goodness into buying a rebill or two.

Rebills are inherently quite evil though, 4 for a revolutionary weight loss supplement, "ohhh how fantastic", and then in 2 weeks you get billed 79:99, and thereafter every SINGLE month until you declare bankruptcy...

Are you guys putting your REAL HOME address on your mailing lists promoting rebills? If my girlfriend got conned into a rebill by a mailing list subliminally pretending to be the voice of an established website i'd go around there and poke their eyes out with a rusty spoon.

Am i overthinking this way too much? I've wanted to do this idea for the past year but the fact that the "rebill victims" could easily "tell" on you has stopped me.

Thanks for any feedback from the pros
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I, personally, don't plan on promoting Rebills, simply because I'm too much of a puss and I wouldn't like someone doing that to me. I'd rather do e-mail submit OR sell a clear membership product that could give me money every month.

I guess it all depends on your ethics... I'd be sad if someone that really needed the money wouldn't have it because of something shady I did to increase MY wealth. Having said that, your ethics might not be the same as someone else's.

My 2 cents
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