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Default Promoting Gaming Offers?

Hi - i've been testing some Gaming offers but not having any luck - i got a few conversions, but spent a lot more than that, so making a big loss on it.

appreciate any tips on getting the most out of gaming offers - i.e. any particular strategy/technique people use to promote these? just looking for ideas [currently, i have a campaign going with 3 different offers rotating, and they all have separate LPs - (A Multiple Path campaign in CPV Lab)].
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I personally have not had luck with these either. I think I broke even last time I tried, so I know there is potential. This would make a great case study If anyone wants to write up a case study on making game profitable, PM me (for $$$).

Maybe Coop will chime in, since I know they push their gaming offers at Wolf Storm and seem to be successful!
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