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Default Problems ... some stats!

Working on trying to get this to work. Launched quite a few campaigns (aiming at around 3 a day right now)... still no luck. something's bound to stick though.

Anyway, here's one... I thought I scholarships offers might work. These are simple 'chance to win free tuition type things'. I'm rotating 3 with payouts around $3-$4. Have been spending around $5 per day running the campaign.

I'm targeting all .edu sites like ua.edu, unc.edu, etc.... Just the main URL though. I tried targeting a URL like ua.edu/scholarship but the bid was $0.035 so I wasn't willing to try...

Suggestions? Should I just overbid? Spend more time searching out .edu sites or other URL's?
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IMHO bidding on just general edu domains won't work for this. Most people going to an .edu domain are going there for info. I'm sure the majority of the traffic is from current students and alumni. I would definitely bid on more targeted URLs.

Remember what Coach says. If there is competition it is for good reason. It probably converts. Try on another network. Or try entering "win a sholorship" or something similar into the PPV URL tool.

Good Luck!
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Bid on the scholarship site urls. They all have websites.

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