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Default PPV Offer Miniguides

Last week I sent out an email to all of my affiliates - detailing some PPV offers that are working well for us internally.

I send out a miniguide email like this every week - and I thought that you guys may appreciate some insight on what offers are doing well. I run a lot internally and I also spy quite a bit - but all of these are campaigns that I am running.

Feel free to email me at JCooper@wolfstormmedia.com if you have any questions.

Mobile Ringtones - Flycell (USA)

Ringtones are not dead - Flycell has been a top performing offer for me as an affiliate. We're seeing this offer pick up a lot on contextual traffic. Take advantage of the dynamic artist targeting option - if you don't know how to use it then reach out to me. Build flashy landing pages, with sound and music to grab their attention. Niche down into artists or groups of artists. You'll see conversion rates through the roof if you focus in. I talked about this last week and not a SINGLE person reached out to me. Let's get moving on this guys - I'm here to help you make this and any campaign profitable!

Credit Report - Free Score 360

We've been running credit reports on PPV since we started using this form of marketing. They have been consistent earners for us and we want to spread the wealth. Build landing pages specific to your targets. Try targeting financial institutions, banks, car sites and anywhere else that people using them will need to know their credit. Reach out to me if you need help building your landing pages. We also have a PPV sized version of this offer if you'd like to direct link!

Biz Opp - Home Income Black

Everyone wants to make more money - yourself included or you wouldn't be reading this guide! Business opportunity has been, and always will be a hot niche in this space. The easiest way that I have found to promote offers like this is to build an email list around the niche. So dust off your aWeber account and get to building a squeeze page. Capture their email utilizing a free giveaway of some sort - a newsletter works great. Once they're on your newsletter supply them with some solid content, build their trust and then email them offers like Home Income Black. You'll get a much higher conversion rate this way then if you just hammer them with offers.
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