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Default PPV/CPA Automatic Bidder


We have developed for inhouse use software to bid on major PPV networks.

We have permission from LI and AO to make our software public but before we will add it to BoxOfAds.com
we wanted to ask for your suggestions and to ask if you would use our software.

How it would work?
Biggest issue we see atm is that it would be hosted on our end(and it's kind a impossible to do it other way) so you would need to enter your network login info
software would download your current bids for your view only and you could change bids automatically depending on ROI you want to achieve.

We won't get your accounts banned as we have green light from networks tho they are not endorsing our product.

Do you want us to make software like this available to public?
Would you trust us with your logins?
Anything else you would like us to add to it?


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