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Default POF down - PPV Next

I have been working POF self serve ad platform for the past few months. With approvals getting very strict and POF's lack of volume on targeted campaigns, it appears it just dosnt have the "bang" I as looking for.

This brings me to PPV - hopefully my skills learned at POF will transfer to PPV.

My favorite verticals are dating and adult, sex will always sell!

I created an account at a newer pop under network (tube sites), mostly because he gave me $5 in credits to advertise. I created a lander, put it on my server set up the links and activated the campaign.

Ive had only about 300 pops and have had about 20 click through, no conversions (wasn't expecting any, just checking things out).

I was contemplating on putting up my entire campaign, but this forum is public and im not sure id like to out something im trying to make work.

Is there anyone willing to share an instant messaging service so I can share my campaign and pick your brain?

I am very serious about making this work. Ive been self employed for the past 5 years - I am not "freshie" that landed here by google asking to be spoon fed. I have a few things I can offer, Im quite good at automation; especially when it comes to social networks.
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I would suggest to try another PPV network if this one is not backing out. Also is this your own offer or cpa?
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Send a message via Skype™ to trafficman

I am a consultant for anew PPV network modeled after Tvs success. We are in BETA mode now and accepting advertisers by invite only. Please PM if you would like to learn more.

Or skype


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