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Default Personal\Virtual Assistant

Hey guys,

I'm in the process of hiring a personal\virtual assistant to help me do the "black work" of
creating landing pages, researching & building campaigns, ongoing management, etc.

I want to ask you if you have any tips you can share with me regarding working with a personal assistant:
1. From where\which place should I find and hire one? Elance? oDesk?
2. Did you hire an individual or a company (thus, removing the high dependency on this one assistant)?
3. How did you deal with privacy and security? Do you give them free access to your hosting? PPC/PPV accounts?

More tips would be gratitude.


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I haven't hired a full time assistant before, but I have had a lot of luck using ODesk. I would definitely check them out. Start small with some projects for a potential candidate and work your way up to larger jobs.
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I've had luck with oDesk as well.

Interview, interview, interview. You are going to go through a lot of candidates before you find the right full timer. Give them one project and evaluate them based on that. Was it on time? Did it meet your requirements? Were they constantly in communication?

I typically give them access to one hosting account that I want them to use - but not everything. I also wouldn't give them access to my traffic sources or affiliate networks.

If you want someone to do actual campaign management hire someone that will work with you wherever you are. (in person)
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One other thing is you don't need one full timer, you can use several part timers to start instead. Give each one a specific task but don't give one the whole enchilada. (That way they can't just rip you off by taking your campaigns).
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