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Default Pausing/Cutting Urls

Hi everyone,

I'm sure that this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find a specific answer to it so I thought I'd post.

Anyway, one of the biggest things that I think has been holding me back on PPV is cutting targets. I can generally create decent landers that get good ctr and some conversions, I have my tracking down with CPV lab, but I was always of the belief that if I could just have a good enough angle - with good enough landers - I should be able to get EVERY target profitable in a given demographic/topic grouping. From both reading and experience this doesn't seem to be the case: some targets seem to just inexplicably convert better than others, even when they seem topically similar.

Anyway, if cutting targets can be the difference between success and failure with a campaign, I am still unsure of the most efficient way to cut them. Is it best to wait until each target spends the full amount of the offer (or more)? Should it be be PER landing page, or just across all the landers that you are testing? Also, is it always necessary to wait until a target has spent the offer spend before cutting it, or can you cut it on the basis of other factors (low ctr over x impressions)?

I know that people will have many different ways of going this, but I just wanted to get a sense of what other people are finding success with.

It also seems that unless you have the budget to spend a lot of money, that you shouldn't pick offers that have very high cpas (another thing I frequently would do), since if you even have 20 targets (not very many) and a couple landers, the cost to test each target properly can add up very quickly even on small offers.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to see if I am on the remotely right track with all of this. Been working on this for awhile, and have gotten campaigns that seem promising, but always seem unable to actually get them down to the point where they are making money consistently.

Thanks in advance for any advice that you guys might have!
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It's a great question, and as you indicated, not one with a straight answer. I normally go by a feel I guess. I start with some rules like spending the offer amount per target. But if I see something with promise that is breaking even, I might let it run on a statistical change (different lander for example). I think the best thing you can do is just be consistent and find what works for you.
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There's definitly no science to it.

I generally spend at least 1x the payout on any target before I pause it. When I start a campaign - I see targets that start converting off the bat and those are the ones I focus on. I pause targets that are hardly getting any views and I use them later to build on the campaign.

Lots and lots of targets spending a little money daily without any conversions will definitely kill your ROI quickly.
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