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Default Pathetic conversions with MT

I've run about 50$ worth of traffic so far with MediaTraffic with a lot of small variations to the landing page.

Have got about 2500 views and just 9 'effing conversions! Seriously!

It is in the dating niche and all it asks for is for your name and email so you get a free dating mini course.

Whats happening? Have you guys seen any better?

As for targeting, I've just chosen the 15 biggest dating sites and am bidding minimum for now. Just getting a feel for the traffic.
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welcome to bigman,

have you considered a higher paying offer? you can also stick with the route you're taking and trim the non-converting targets effectively pruning the campaign into a break even or winning roi.

in all honesty though it sounds like your matching is off. by this, i mean that people surfing dating sites are not necessarily there to "learn" to date, but simply to date. the initiative to learn is what many people lack and a part of the problem the dating sites solve. off the top of my head those are some things i can think of.

- lucas
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