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Default Open every URL before using it?

Do most of you follow every URL before putting it into a campaign?

If so, do you have any FREE tools to open them all easily?

This thread links to one which used to be free, but is $39 now, or "ad supported" and "limited function".

If not, one thing you can do to open a bunch of URLs is a trick with firefox.

First you need to temporarily (re-)add http:// to the front of each URL. This can easily be done by copying the list to a new spreadsheet, then inserting a new column to the left of the list. Then in the first row type http://. Then use the cell-drag-copy thing to copy that cell to the entire column. Then select all, copy, paste into a text document. Save the text document, and open it in firefox. Then in firefox select all (ctrl A) and right click. One option is to open all the text URLs in new tabs.

If you don't have that option, it might be from one of the addons I use, which are tab kit(also is why my tabs are on the left, configurable) and session manager.
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No, I don't view every url that I use in a campaign.
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I don't either, you can usually spot ones that look funny and just delete them right away.
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handle it my friend.
...an awful marketer.
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Hey, thanks!
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Depending on how I am running a particular campaign. Sometimes I try to go really targeted and get the campaign profitable at a low volume first, in which case I will manually check out each URL.

Other times I'll scrape thousands of URLs and let the data do the looking for me - I certainly don't open up thousands of URLs - I wouldn't have time to do anything else!
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