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Default An observation on traffic/conversions

One thing I've noticed about cpv is that when you have a really good traffic source and a really good offer converting with it, it will tend to start converting at a slower rate the longer you let it run.

I've found that this is due to the fact that the same group is seeing the ad over and over again. So eventually they'll either sign up or ignore it. That means you MUST be always looking for the next big converter and adding it to your rotation package.

For example, the one offer I started a couple weeks ago is starting to see the number of daily conversions drop. I've been sending about 20,000 impressions per day to it and getting 300+ leads per day. For the past week though, that number has been declining. The impressions have stayed the same at 20,000 per day, but the leads are now at 150 to 200 per day. I believe this is because everyone who was going to sign up has and now I'm getting people who ignored the ad the first couple times, starting to sign up. BUT what I'm going to do now is add in another offer to give them something fresh to look at.

I guess this is part of cpv campaign management. Always be searching for the next solid offer and even though the current one is still working, it's showing signs of slowing down.

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