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Default No Traffic On Zango?

I can't seem to get any traffic for my offers on zango.

The one I just tested out was for acai berry. So what I did was take the term acai berry and used coaches url scraper and got on the url for that term. Popped them into zango got it approved and 4 days later I've got a total of 10 views? WTF?

Would it be a better stratigie to use the url scraper for terms like: diet, lose weight, ect.... then some of the brand names like jenny craig, weight watchers, ect.....???

I guess I'm used to ppc where I know that bidding on broad terms usually isn't that targeted so that is why I have avoided it up till now. Should I give that a shot?
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try bidding on keyword variations of acai and target all the url's on the first 2 pages of a google/yahoo/msn search of acai.

you will have heaps of traffic if you select the top bid position for each keyword/url. your next job will be to work out which ones are junk and which one make you $$$$
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Agreed, the problem is your bid, bid higher, you'll get the traffic.
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