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Default "No Trademark Bidding"

Some offers I'm preparing to run say "No trademark bidding". I started thinking about what that means. Some of the offers specify which ones not to bid on, others don't.

Are URLs considered trademarks? When it specifies terms, does that mean you just have to avoid those terms?

When it's not specified, do they mean don't bid on any trademarks related to the type of offer?


Semi-related commentary: A trademark's purpose is to prevent other entities from claiming or pretending to be the trademark. I think it's overstepping the purpose, as well as logical and moral boundaries of what a trademark is, when a company actively prevents people like us from bidding on trademarked words when we're not actually pretending to be the company or making any false claims, etc. Big companies with lots of money and lawyers can pretty much do whatever they want, regardless of right and wrong.

Of course, in promoting an offer you should comply with the terms of the offer. Some of the other tendencies toward trademark bidding in the industry are rather ridiculous.
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Is that for ppc campaigns only though?

If you bid on it, send them to your landing page and then onto the offer from there, how would the merchant even know what keyword you're bidding on?
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