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Default Neat little campaign tip

I am not absolutely sure about the other networks, but this works for Traffic Vance. I mainly work with them because it seems like they like my money and I like to pay them. But then I digress...

Okay, approval time is always problematic. When? How long is the wait? And then when you go to check, you find out a runaway has eaten up half the budget.

Start campaigns that you will want to run. Load as many as you plan to test and for each, just use one target, you could use any target (that won't eat up money). When it gets approved, you go and edit and add the researched targets and those will be approved almost automatically.

1) Don't change the landing page URL in the network in the edit.
2) Some targets will require a manual review so not all will approved instantly.
3) You might even try taking the top position to get automatic approval and then change the bid once approved. Not sure about this one but it seems to go quicker when I bid for the top for all targets.

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Good tip on not changing the urls...I use the tracker for all my cpv stuff and I can switch out offers without anyone being any wiser at the network. It works well when an offer goes down or I'm testing by rotating offers too.
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