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Default Monetizing Your Traffic w/Coreg

Hey guys,

I'm new to this forum and would like to introduce myself. My name is Frederic Jean-Bart and I'm one of the Senior Affiliate Managers at Mundo Media and Silver-Path. Many of you are looking for new ways to monetize your traffic through cpv traffic and I can help coach you on how to run coreg traffic.

Co-Reg stands for "co-registration" and through Silver-Path we can provide you with a co-registration path, which is a series of offers in a row that the user goes through. The user has the option to skip an offer, but every time they fill out an offer in the path, the revenue is split on a rev share (50% +). You can also monetize that user by building an info gather page to capture user data (first/last name and email). In order to get started, all you need is a lander that will attract users to the path (coupon, ringtone or a prize giveaway page etc..). As your AM, I will help give you ideas on what type of landers convert best and will also help optimize your page.

Coreg is a great vertical that many affiliates run to diversify their traffic. If you're looking to get started you can reach me through email. I'm here to help you make money!


Frederic Jean-Bart
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welcome aboard bud! i need to get back on the wagon with you guys.

- lucas
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Anytime my man! Hit me up on skype when you have the time!
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