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Default mediat T target list

The video on Media T shows the targeting combinations for the destination page

I am confused about this process - the video shows the placement of the word "Keyword" in the target box - what does this represent?

Is it for me to type the same "keyword" entry into this box ?

I find this final stage very confusing and the explain box on the side doesnt help me as it says that all the keyword and url entries go in this box
which I thought had been done through the bulk upload

Its probably very simple but not for me - i need a detailed spelling out about the entries into this target box and what they are for and what they execute

Have gone over the video many times and still cant grasp what this stage is bout

Anyone out there

Regards Lennie G ( the old guy)
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Lennie, just use the campaign launcher on the site here, it will help you.
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