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Default Loading ads from Neverblue

I am unable to see how I take an ad for a campaign from Neverblues lists

The Ads appear under find campaings -- I can review the site -- however cant find a click point to apply for the ad

In the video copeac is used as the illustration showing the process. The ads appear in a list and by clicking on the title the ad becomes yours to use

Not so with neverblue

Got to be something simple I am missing but you know how it is when you are starting up something new - the obvious can right past you

be glad of a directive here

regards Lennie Greenhall
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Hi Lennie:

1. Log into your account
2. Click on " Campaigns " on the top nav bar
3. go to " find campaigns "

make your selection according to keywords, countries etc. To find ads that have contextual links check the box " Downloadable Software " ( it's their term for contextual links ) under " Promotion Allowed "

Once you selected an ad click on " Other Creatives " in the sub nav bar on top.

That'll bring you to a page called " Direct Redirect Creative For Downloadable Software Publishing "

The " Tracking Url " is your contextual link for that ad. It will look something like this ;

. Now all you have to do add " &subid= " to the end of that string to use it with the tracker.:



hope that helps

take care

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Default thanks

thankyou Michael --you have given me some daylight on what must seem obvious to most

think I can follow it all -

Regards Lennie
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Excellent post!

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