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Default List Building

I bet there is a month for this...but I'm going to ask anyway.

Lets say I promote an offer, use a lander in which the user puts in email and other info, which then passes it through the offer hopefully completing the lead.....as well as getting me their email.

now lets say i use aweber. how big a list do you need? how do you sell to a list? what if i want to export my emails, can i do this?

Now on the flip side, I'll be honest.....I dont really want to do lists. I feel like I wont be good at creating these emails I send out and making repeat sales. I also cant get passionate about it....this is why I wonder if maybe i bailed on PPC too quick bc I just want to make the money and be done.

Im getting back in that rut i was in doing PPC......not sure where to go next after having an initial success then a flop.
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First get it out of your head that you're going to make fast money with little work.

You're not.

It takes time, it takes work and it's not a quick money making scheme of any kind.

Once you accept that, you'll see the power of all the techniques being shown to you.

Don't over think anything, just do them. Turn off that part of your brain that keeps saying it's too much work and just go for it.
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