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Default Let's make a deal...

So I have an offfer that is doing $90-100 profit per day on a $10 adspend.

So far, I've been paid out for 2 months so I think I have a sound system going on.

I could easily ramp this up to $400-500 a day, but since this involves some "greyhat" month 2 techniques so I'd rather fly below the radar and have it last longer.

Soooo what I would like to do it trade this campaign for something that is working for you (and maybe has a room for one more). What I am willing to give is the keywords im bidding on, my techniques, the network info I am using and my theory on how to stay below the radar. I would also recommend having and additional $100 up front to purchase some tools that might help.

For your first month, I would suggest only expecting to make a few bucks. Start slow and then as your get paid, ramp up. Once full steam, do not expect to make more than 3k per month (profit).

I guess thats all i can give away right now. If interested, send me a PM. Oh and if you have ethical issues with month 2 stuff, then this is NOT for you.

Coach, I hope this kind of post is OK with you.

In all honesty, there is probably enough traffic here to make this it's own "Month" on the forum for everyone to use...in fact i think this site was mentioned in a thread, but was discarded as a no go...

Thanks yo.
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