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Default Landing pages for Exit Pop Offers

I find some nice offer with very nice landing pages have exit pops and I'm aware that ad networks don't approve of them.

Do you put up plain simple landing pages to get the vistor to check it out or do skip to an offer that doesn't have exit pops?

I like to use this one offer that does have exit pops but don't want have to mess around too long with the landing page.


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Interesting question ... the same one popped to my mind recently too ... I heard that some people do make landing pages though I haven't done so for now ... thinking of testing a couple of simple pages and seeing how goes.

Bottom line - you never know without testing - may be even the pages w/out popups will convert better with LPs.

... I mean popups are bad, very bad!! stay away from those page
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Ask your affiliate manager to remove exit popups.
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Yes your affiliate manager can get the exit pop removed for you.
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