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Default Keyword vs URL Difference

Hi to everyone on this forum, hope we'll make big bucks using this traffic source and help each other in achieving our goals.

I have two quick question.
So basically, to my understanding ppv is when someone has adware installed on his computer and he visits some URL (through a link or by typing it into browser address bar), and if we're bidding on the URL he visits then our pop-up or pop-under will be displayed. Is this right?

Second question.
What I don't understand is keyword vs URL difference. If we're bidding on URL's our pop-up is displayed when visitor gets to the URL we're bidding on, but what about keywords. Are they just like the URL's, so for example if we're bidding on the keyword "computers" our popup could be displayed to anyone who visits computers.com , computers.net or any other URL that has the word computers in it. Could you please explain.

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Different PPV networks (Zango, MediaTraffic, TrafficVance) have different software that varies in a few small ways. But, for URLs, they pretty much operate the same.

With URLs, it's when they visit the URL. If you're bidding on computers.com - it's whenever that person reaches that page. Whether they type it in manual, someone emails them a link, they search for laptop computer (And computers.com shows up and they click on it); that's when your ad/page will be displayed.

Keywords I believe are when they actually type something. I think the software is triggered when they open their browser, so when their browser is open and they type something in, then the ad is displayed.

For example, if you were bidding on "hp laptop computer for sale" - They'd actually have to be at google.com, or somewhere on the net typing in that phrase. They could be at a forum saying "SO, I was at the mall today and this stupid slut was looking at this hp laptop computer for sale, and she called my sis a hoe!"

Haha - I think that's what the keywords are for. I don't think they work if they're writing an email using Outlook or Thunderbird, etc - but I'm not sure, as each site has different software.

The best place to find out how everything works EXACTLY would be to check out the FAQ/support section of each PPV network, and/or ask their support!

But, just a tip: URLs are supposedly more profitable than keywords, according to some of the big guys

Hope this helps!
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focus on url's to start with. keywords can be too broad.
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Guys thanks for your inputs.

mcmoney, I've read all of your posts and some of them are invaluable.
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