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Default Invitation to Twitter Advertising Platform (Promoted Tweets & Accounts)

Not sure if this post belongs here so admins, feel free to remove or move as you deem fit.

I recently received an invitation to Twitter's advertising platform (next phase beta) contingent upon certain qualifications:
  • Willingness to provide lots of feedback
  • 3 month commitment; recommended minimum budget $15,000 for Promoted Accounts & Tweets over the 3 month time period
  • Previous experience running self-serve campaigns (SEM, Adwords, Facebook)
  • Established Presence on Twitter.com
  • Twitter's IO, Terms & Conditions
  • Signed IO due back by March 2nd, 2011 at 5pm PST

I currently do not advertise in that volume and nor do I have an established Twitter presence. But, I'd love to pursue this if someone's interested in a joint venture. Let me know. Thanks!
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