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Default I love PPV because..

It's like a safe bank account. I've deposited about $175 into 3 networks since i started here and it's pretty much still all there - lol. again, someone teach me how to loose some money here

- lucas
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don't do this with zango, it will suck your budget dry, but try bidding on 150+ urls from Wills url scraper.

what you are after is the "longtail" urls.

it will spit out this;


I cherry pick the long urls and delete the rest. Many of my campaigns now have 150+ urls in them. I know others suggest having a smaller number of url's but this works best for me.

I'll go back and add different phrases into the scraper and rinse and repeat this process.

If the campaign starts to convert I then dump keywords into it to test for response.

so if your ad was about say "Free credit repair"

you could use each of these as a search for the scraper;

credit repair
fix credit
credit score

each time you'll get different url's to bid on. Then I would go in and type in some companies like;


then go and do a manual search in google and start bidding on the ppc ad urls. this takes a bit more time and its all manual, but your ads will start overwriting those damn expensive ppc clicks those buggers just pain for and you hijacked it for 0.01.

trust me lucas, your $170 will go soon.
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