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Question How to Run CPV With Shareasale?

Brian Littleton over at SAS shot me this
It is difficult, but not impossible, to advertise in this manner in accordance with our Terms of Agreement. You can view our complete Terms of Agreement here:

and the part that seems to most affect CPV advertising is the section stating

NOT ALLOWED: Any display of a merchant window that isn't the result of a direct click by the end-user.
But clearly Brian is implying it can be done. The only CPV advertising I'm aware of are pops. Are there others which skirt this rule - if so which ones & with what ad network?
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use bridge pages. Pop up your own creative, draw in the interest of the user and make them click to go to the landing page.

word of advice: despite how many times coach has said it doesn't work, it works much better for me than just popping up the merchant page straight up.

also brian may have been implying to gather e-mails with cpv and market via email?
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I didn't say it didn't work, I said it wasn't necessary...

But yeah if you pop your own creative and make them click it then that should get around the issue. Be careful though, if you don't have specific permission to do something with them, then don't. When payday comes they may or not pay if they don't want to, (citing violation of the tos)
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