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Default How many offers is too many, when testing?

If I've got 15-20 offers all directly in the niche i'm testing, and many are very similar to each other, should I rotate all of them in the same test batch?

Should I just pick a certain number of them, like 10?

Should I "rotate the rotations", like switch between batches of (10?) every so-often?

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I would be interested to see what others here say about this.

For me, I test between 1 to 4 offers at a time.

My goal being to find those targets that work for each individual offer where I spend up to half the commission value on each target (for each offer) in order to see if it converts.

If you have a huge budget, you could test a lot of offers all at the same time, but even then, I don't think I'd test more than 6 at any one given time.

Keep in mind as an example, if you are testing 4 offers that each pay $5 and you have 20 targets, in order to spend 1/2 the commission to test each target (per offer) to see if it converts, you could be looking at spending $200 just in testing. In this same scenario, if you have those same 4 offers and you have 100 targets, you could be looking spending $1,000 in testing to adequately test before anything even converts.

As you can imagine, it would take a steep budget to test 10 offers and 500 urls.

Usually, when testing like this, you'll get some conversions (if your targets are pretty good), and so you can offset your testing with the commissions, you then have your winning targets, and then you stick with just those. And you have to keep track which target converted with which offer so you can run that as a campaign, as sometimes a target will convert with one offer but not another.

My criteria when doing CPV is in finding targets that are related to the offer I'm testing. I like to focus so much on this, that I only test a few offers while looking for those targets that are most related to those offers.

If you miss this point, you could spend lots of money on CPV and have no conversions. If you understand this, you can take an offer that someone else gave up on, and make it profitable for you.

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One more thing... with 15 offers in the same niche, that's awesome.

I would go through and look at the 3 or 4 offers that look like they have the best converting landing pages and run that as a rotation and see what converts.

Then, as separate campaigns, I would try the next 3 or 4 offers as a rotation and run it all on its own and see if anything converts, and so on.

Your job is to find winning target/offer conversion combinations. When found, you might consider running each of those combinations in their own campaigns.

Keep in mind that some targets will get conversions on several different offers -- those are golden and you can keep rotating offers on these.

Some targets will appear to only convert with one offer -- these are good also, you just keep them running for as long as they stay profitable.

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I usually test about 3 at a time. That way I get my data on what's working what isn't quickly.
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