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Default How Fast are YOUR Ad Servers?

People are always blaming low conversions on 'slow' servers.

Well how 'slow' is your server actually?

Let's all share our ping time with each other, you want to ping the domain that hosts your tracking software (e.g. Prosper202 or CPV Lab)

So if you host it on www.tracking.tld/prosper you will want to ping *tracking.tld* without asterisks.

Even if you host landing pages on different domains, as long as its on the same hosting plan as your tracking.tld then the speeds should remain the same.

So open up cmd.exe (Command Prompt on Windows, Terminal on Mac)

Windows users, WINDOWS KEY + R and then type in cmd and hit ENTER

Mac users, I don't know how to use a mac....

Then just type in "ping adserver.tld" without quotes (e.g. ping google.com)

Then a bunch of stuff will happen, and you'll get results that will say something like this (using Google as an example):

Minimum = 11 ms Maximum = 13 ms Average = 12 ms (the last one is your average speed)

My server's speed is 33 ms (not bad - the lower the better)

What's your speed?
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Mine is 45 ms.
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load time 0.28 seconds
average speed per KB 0.49 seconds
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Is this really a fair representation of the speed of your server? Won't everyone's numbers be skewed based on the internet connection you use? Anyway my server #'s are below...

Minimum: 16.600ms
Average: 19.465ms
Maximum: 29.810ms

Btw... any other mac users out there... Ctrl+C will stop the ping (I sadly had to look this up)
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Ping time means that it takes X seconds for a signal to make a complete round trip from your computer to the server and back. The connection speed definitely influences this speed number and these numbers don't represent the actual speed of the server.

...I don't know what measures the speed of your server...
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Perhaps if you had a remote command prompt access to your ad server and ping'd google you might have a better idea of the speed. I would assume google can serve data quicker than most publicly available vps centres. Just a thought
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Ping does not represent the server's performance entirely. Between your PC and the server is multiple servers. Depending where they are physically, the number of "hops" influences the time as well.

But for a server speed, I would generally consider the server load and spikes if any.

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