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Default How do you keep from bidding against yourself?

I just added another campaign that I know has many URLs the same as another campaign. It's a small or nonexistent problem for me, since I have just a handful of campaigns so far. But, it seems like it could present a rather complex problem later on, unless the traffic networks have something in place to deal with it (do any of them?).

How do those of you doing loads of campaigns keep from bidding against yourself?

Seems like anyone working at CPV seriously will encounter this a lot. Am I wrong?
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I'm sure there's lots of ways to solve this, mine is probably not the best or most efficient.

But here goes...

Download an excel format (or csv) report from your CPV network and have it include all the targets.

Then use excel or another program to check for duplicates in your report.

I can't think of names of any programs that do this (I had a guy make me my own for this), but I recall searching a while back and found answers ranging from how to use excel to remove duplicates all the way to finding websites and programs that do it for you.

Have the program alert you to the duplicates in your excel file before you remove them from that file so you can go into your CPV network and remove each.

When finished, you will not have any more duplicate targets at your CPV network.

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That seems easy enough, thanks. This feels like one of those, "duh, why didn't I think of that" moments. I suppose also this way

I already found some excel features that could make this partially easy. Excel 2007 has an auto-format function that highlights any duplicate cells.

Now what I need is a way to strip off the trailing slashes on every URL so the matching works.

I need to spend my time learning to market and compete, thinking, and testing at this phase rather than trying to learn excel scripting and all that, heheh.
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In excel, highlight your list, do an advanced filter, click show uniques only and select another column to show the results, hit ok and voila!

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Trick question :P
How do you easily make a list of every target in a campaign (or all active campagins) from MediaTraffic?

I can only get the targets that have traffic to show up in reports. The campaign view cuts off every single URL unless it's under 10 characters.
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