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Default High ROI Offers

Hey Guys,

Love the new free forums. I am fairly new to PPV and just wondering what type of offers to start out with that usually yield a higher ROI. Im assuming offers with payouts >20$ may be the best to start with but not sure.

Not expecting anyone to give away profitable campaigns, just wanted to get a general idea of what to start out with. So far im thinking about trying to tackle
(Credit Reports, Rebills, Games)

Any other ideas?

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Before you get too far into it - I want to warn you that payout has nothing to do with profit or ROI.

I have offers that pay out less then $1 making me 100% ROI on PPV, and I also have offers that pay out $60 doing the same.

For a beginner, I would typically suggest running short form type stuff. Dating, email submits, games, and any other type of short form lead generation allows you to test quickly.
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I think email & zip submits are good for a newbe... but I would always google the offer. As example they're many 1000$ ikea giftcards cpa out there, but you can already read in some news 'that's not working'. So this news aren't rly good for an offer... Link

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