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Default Good Conversion Rates For Pre-Popped Email Submits?

Been doing a lot of these with the fan club method. The email submit is branded and advertised on the landing page as a welcome gift. I've tried these with:
-quick push email (great if you want double opt ins, but for me it decreased conversions)
-quick push w/ a transition page (the transition page dropped traffic, and surprisingly I didn't notice any significant conversion boost from it)
-quick push straight to the offer
-quick push straight to the offer with an iframe w/ a call to action (e.g. welcome to the fan club, claim your sponsor gift by clicking continue).

It seems like no matter what I do, the best I can get my conversion rate on any particular offer is around 33%, rotating a combination of pre-popped ipad/iphone/gift card submits that would appeal to a wide, young audience. I doubt with pre-screened traffic facing a pre-popped email submit, that only 33% would actually follow through, so scrubbing makes sense. Given what'd I've read about how email submits work on the back end, it makes sense to me that a scrub of about 50-60% on offers like iphone/ipad/broad gift card submits that probably get tons of shitty traffic would be needed for the advertiser to be profitable, but I don't have enough experience to know if this is correct.

What kind of conversion rates do you guys get in this situation? Is 33% acceptable, or should I keep rotating offers until I find a better one?
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33% is definitely a solid conversion rate.

If you are profitable I wouldn't worry about tweaking it much more then that as you may over tweak things and kill off the campaign.

You should definitely be rotating email submits though so you don't get hammered with scrub. We have some email submits that generally don't scrub as bad as most - been running them for months now without issues.
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1. Set goals for each campaign (ROI, $ amount, etc)
2. If a campaign is meeting it's goals, or is in an acceptably profitable range, leave it alone and let it make money.

So far as I've been told, that is.
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I think it is always worth doing a bit of split testing with other ideas to see if there are any gains to be had. I'm still new myself, but 33% sounds really solid to me. If your split tests are not providing any more gains then you are probably pretty optimized already. Remember the 80/20 rule.
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Just thought I'd update and mention that after rotating through about 20 offers, I've settled into one for the past 2 weeks that's been bringing in 50% consistently without scrubbing (knock on wood?). M That extra 17% made a huge difference bringing the campaign from -30% ROI to 66%

Just goes to show as always that it pays to test.
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Great stuff! You are reading and learning well :-) It sometimes can be painful testing, but in the end you are collecting data. You now have new data to arm yourself with new campaigns,etc. Good work!
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