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Default Getting Accepted to CPA Networks

I noticed that one of the suggestions for the site was a tutorial on how to get accepted to CPA networks. So I thought I'd jump on board and talk to you guys about what we look for when we're signing up new applications.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

CPA networks are inundated with fraud all day long. Unfortunately - for those of you outside of the major countries that's where it comes from. There are some networks that will not accept any affiliates from a list of countries. We're more open then that - we're willing to give anyone a shot if they can prove that they are a legitimate affiliate.

The worst thing you can do is lie to us - don't tell us that you're from America when you're really not. It's as simple as that - that is outright fraud and we won't take it.

Have a Legitimate Company

I always like to see affiliates that actually have an LLC or a Corporation setup to deal with our network. Most affiliates that have taken this step are serious about their business. Registering a company is also going to save you a lot of money on taxes - which is reason enough in my opinion.

Have a Company Site and Email

Most networks are looking for affiliates that are serious about their business. Even though you most likely don't utilize a web site to drive most of your traffic - you should still have one that represents your company. I typically sign up using my blog - because it's a big affiliate blog and it's fairly well known. However I should be following my own advice and using my company site. Unfortunately my company site is from over 3 years ago when I was just getting started and looks like someone threw paint on a piece of paper and made a site. I need to fix that.

Company emails are also important - and please make them professional. I can't tell you how many Gmail/Yahoo emails I get signed up that are from the affiliates middle school days. It's no longer cool to have an email address that is something like "hunkyguy2019@yahoo.com". We're not 12 years old guys - come on now.

Accurate Information

Please take two minutes and ensure the accuracy of your application before sending it in. If you sign up with an invalid phone number when we try to call you - you're going to get automatically denied. People forget area codes, mistype numbers and just all around mess up their information constantly.

HONEST Information

This is a big one - and it goes back to the first point. Make sure that everything you fill out is 100% legitimate. Some affiliates get scared and they lie to try to get into networks. We have people who say they are experienced and this and that when they don't have a clue. When we call you and talk to you we're going to see through that and you're going to get denied. It's not because we don't like beginners - we don't like liars.

Don't submit your friends information, or your friends website. Just because you don't have a site to show us doesn't mean you can get away with showing us someone else's. This is also outright fraud - and you won't be accepted. Yes - we get applications like this all the time where the affiliate was too lazy to build a site so they used a "friends". I'd rather you tell me that you run CPV only and don't have sites then to use someone else's.

Reach Out

Networks get hundreds or thousands of applications on a daily basis. The approval teams work through them as fast as possible but some networks take days or even weeks to reply. Be proactive - don't just sit around and wait. Most networks use AIM - so reach out to an affiliate manager of that network on AIM.

For Wolf Storm Media specifically - if you come to me because you found me on a forum (like CPVDen) that I am active on - I'm going to go over your application personally if you reach out to me. Normally we have an approvals team that calls and emails all new applications - however I'll be happy to expedite yours if you apply and reach out to me on AIM.

I'd say this list covers a lot of what we look for - but it all boils down to being honest. Tell us who you are, what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. Networks are here to help you - but we can't do that if you lie about what your true intentions are - or if you say you know more then you do.
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