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Default Fast Approvals & Decent Traffic?

Hi guys,

One of the biggest problems I have at the minute is getting my campaigns approved in the timeframe I would like. I am currently with DirectCPV and everything was great until they buggered off and I have had a campaign waiting to be approved for over a week... seriously.

This is a major problem for me, I find it difficult maintaining focus, if they take that long to approve a campaign my focus will wander off to another idea. I like things done a bit faster.

Can anybody recommend a network that approves campaigns fast and has 'decent' traffic, as long as there's a bit of traffic I don't really mind, I just want to fact approvals.

I can't fork out $1000 for TV yet either unfortunately.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, you are at the mercy of the networks. Yes, Traffic Vance is the fastest. Have you tried to contact DirectCPV? Sometimes an email will kick start them.

As for other networks you can check out Lead Impact and Media Traffic. They both have lag times as well, but if you launch on a few different networks hopefully they will get started at staggering times.
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