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Default Email Building Question

I have a low sign up ratio and I was using one target because my lander was desgined to be apart of the target.

But according to aweber I had 448 views and my signup ratio was 1.7 %

Very low.

I am offering content to my list and mailing out related offers.

I am in the dating niche and I know it is possible to get st least 20%.

So what is my problem ?

My target is very well known and main stream so I guess these users have been hit before.

I know I cant complain too much since I have been using 1 target..but my lp is geared to the target so I would think there would be more relevancy....

Maybe i should use targets..that haven't been exposed to dating offers...or
I have to make joining my list more compelling..and make these guys more hungry and more of a reason to join my list......

Any advice ?
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Anyone ? got a reply lol ?
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1) Is this single-optin or double opt-in? Double opt-in is always going to have a low subscribe rate.

2) You've kinda answered your own question: you only have one target. You need to try more to see if it's your target or the landing page.

3) If users aren't expecting to have to provide an email address on the page, they'll be less likely to provide it in a pop. Most success on cpv comes when the user doesn't stop to think that the pop is a different website. In this case, it would be obvious that the pop is a different website.
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