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Default domain.com or domain.com/subdomain

obviously, the domain.com/subdomain is more targetted. But I am asking since I want to scale a email submit from PPC that worked there.

What I did (and please correct me if this is not the best way to do so), is to go to my tracking202 account and see which referrers are from the conversions. So now I have domains that work, right?

However, I have only domain.com and not domain.com/subdomain. Question is, how do I find out which subdomain converted? Or is that not possible?

Or what to do? (maybe research within that converting domain what converting subdomains might be?)

your help is much, much appreciated! Thanks!!!
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I think i found the answer to this one:

Go to "Past Visitor" Tab, and there you can see the exact domain.com/subdomain. I think that should do the trick. But open to further suggestions :-)
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Send a message via AIM to imported_kevinkimes

Seems like a great source for URLs when you have a nice PPC campaign already.

Just a little note.. a subdomain is the part before the SLD (second level domain, or "domain name"), which comes before the TLD (top level domain, like .com, .org, etc).





After that is the path and/or document
domain.com/main.htm (document)
domain.com/stuff (path)
domain.com/stuff/main.htm (path and document)

and/or a query string
domain.com/index.php?variable=xq89f (query)
domain.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1083 (path and query)
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