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Default Do you visit all the URLs that you bid on?

Currently I check out almost all the URLs that I going to bid on. So if the scraper spit out hundreds of URL, it will take me while to go all through all of them to find the one that I can used. But this method is time consuming and the most I can churn out is 1 campaign a day.

So I wondering how others are doing it ? Do you have the same problem or do you have faster way to pick out the targets. Am I doing things the wrong the way ?
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i usually dont bother. i can pretty tell much from the url for the most part whats going to be on the other end.

if i get some generic url which i cant tell, maybe i'll check it. otherwise they are all dumped in. you never know which could be the next golden egg
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I usually don't bother either, the ones that I think will not work usually stick out like a sore thumb.
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