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Default Do they know when we target their URLs?

If I targeted the order page of a certain product online, for my ad to show, would the owner of that website know, or is it entirely a local computer operation that the user goes through?

In other words, is there any risk of them suing you for it? Or will they never know that their sale maybe went with you instead?
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If the traffic source is a CPV network, then the only people who will be seeing your ad are those who have adware installed on their computer that generates ads based on whatever keywords or URLs they type. In such cases, the process includes their computer, the CPV network, and your server with the ad on it.

The only way the owner of the website would know is if they had the adware installed on their computer as well and typed something that triggered your ad.

Are you going to be running the same offer that's being shown on the checkout page? Something to be aware of is that some CPV networks consider that to be self targeting and don't allow that particular kind of self targeting.
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