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Default Dealing with tough affilliate programs?

This is hard to describe but I'll try to make it as clear as possible.

I wanted to run a seasonal RON traffic campaign. I was approved through the CPA network to run the offer. So far so good.

So I made 7 landers, flowed the guidelines in a PDF from the offer & sent them in for approval. Each time I did it took 2 weeks for them to get back to me. They were all denied 3 times by the offers affiliate manager.

I followed the offers PDF guidelines for affiliates landers. What makes this even more frustrating is the reasons for denial. For example once they told me that there was not enough contend on the landers! That was NOT in the guidelines.

My guess is, because this was an offer that is for an enormous corporation, the companys copy writers didn't want to bested. So it was their way or no way to keep their jobs.

I set up a RON traffic campaign with a CPV network. I asked my guy there to please make sure to pause the campaign as soon as he approved it because I was getting the offer prepared & waiting on landing page approval. He was really nice & said, "Sure, I can do that for you".

He took a look at it, approved my landers & forgot to pause the campaign. Oh well, people make mistakes. It ran for about 30 minutes before I cough it & paused it.

Here is what happened & what CPVLab Tracked:

261 Views, 187 clicks, of the 7 landers, the lowest lander CTR was 75.68% & I got 1 conversion.

Not bad for $1.04 in traffic on an $8.50 payout with a 714.18% ROI.

Because my landers were never approved, I was never paid for the conversion. It sucked.

So how can I deal with this situation the next time this offer is in season? I want to run it when the time comes & see if I found a crazy winner. Advice anyone?
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