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Default CTR and how to use it to our benefit

I'm launching campaigns with 2-5 landing pages and split testing them. To me it makes sense to cut the low ctr landing pages after a certain number of views, and to run the highest ctr landing page from then on. Is this what most people are doing? I see a lot of discussion on how CTR is unimportant and how some people don't pay attention to it at all....... I know conversion rates are ultimately the most important indicator, but isn't ctr also just as important? It seems like the more people you get going to your offer page, the more likely it is to convert? Or could it also be the case that a low(er) ctr landing page could potentially do a better job at pre-selling the offer, and therefore convert better, and therefore it is better to wait for actual conversion rate data?

I guess my ultimate question is what kind of data (# of views, time passed) does everyone need to see in order to make the determination that they will run a specific landing page over others?


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As a general rule, yes the higher the CTR the better. But of course there are exceptions - if you have a lander and promising something ridiculous just to get a click through (think of ppc ads) then it might not convert.

I usually like to see 500-1000 impressions on a lander to make a determination.
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For CPV traffic, I don't care what the CTR is. I only care what the ROI is for that target.

If I want to increase my ROI, I'll do some split testing. But you're not going to be rewarded for a high CTR like you will with PPC.
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