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Default Credit Checks/Loans/etc

How you guys killin' these?
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like with ppc, financial is always going to be competitive. the trick with any financial offer is to remember that it's one of those niches that applies to just about anyone, like real estate. that's a double edged sword of course. everyone has to live somewhere and everyone has some sort of financial "situation". this means you can creatively market financial offers to just about anyone and most of the common ways are going to be competitive. the flip side is that you can sidle into a financial market by targeting a problem not overtly associated with "money" and make a killing. simply put, try and think about common, everyday problems and then match those with a financial offer that could alleviate or help that problem go away. that's how i tackle financial offers.

case study time. as you can tell i'm on a case study/method binge today.

- lucas
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