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Default CPV/PPV Rules to live by.

I'd love for all of us to share some rules that we use.

Here are a few of mine so far.

1) Don't bid blindly on URLs when testing (randomly grabbing URLs on the fly).

2) Don't let myspace, youtube, googlemap, etc., sneak in there.

3) Keep the initial testing budget to $10-$20 until the first day's results come in. One bad apple could eat everything up.
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Excellent post!

I'll add to it:

4) Don't go overboard in the number of urls you're bidding on.

5) Don't get into bidding wars unless you really really want that url for yourself, (you can win them but you may lose some money doing so)

6) Using cpv and list building is a very long term a profitable strategy.
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7) Split test.
8) Don't keep refreshing stats.
...an awful marketer.
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Originally Posted by cpv-coach View Post

6) Using cpv and list building is a very long term a profitable strategy.
I'm interested in using CPV to cheaply build my list. I've got 1 review site running on Adwords, which is slowly building my list, but it's expensive still. Can I just use the same review sites with an opt-in, or is it better to hav a smaller sized squeeze page?

i'm unsure of exactly wat type of pop-up the user sees, n I've heard of people having issues cuz some CPV networks only hav 700x550 pixel pop-ups or something like that?
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You might want to go with a slightly smaller sized squeeze page. I'm not sure on the exact pixel size, but 700x550 sounds close.

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